With video consumption ever increasing, the number of companies using video to market their products and services is also increasing. In fact, this is only going to rise. It is actually predicted that by 2020 nearly 80% of the global internet traffic will be video! As a result, it is becoming more critical than ever before to make sure that you incorporate branded video marketing. Here at Oh Video we are video production and marketing experts. Consequently, we have produced this guide to branded video content.

What is branded content?

Branded content has been defined as content that can be associated with a brand by the viewer. It is a way of advertising through partnership or sponsorship, without a direct marketing ploy. It helps to build brand awareness and develop relationships with the consumer, as branded content tends to be focused on storytelling and narrative. Often the products will be woven in, but not made glaringly obvious. One amazing example of this is the Gatorade video, The Boy Who Learnt to Fly.

Why branded content?

With an ever increasing amount of video content available, consumers are choosing which video content will be worth their time. This is based often on their knowledge of brands. Branded video is more likely to provide quality content, and viewers know this. As a result, they are prioritizing the videos they choose to watch, based on the branded content. If your company wants to stay competitive, branded online content is the next step.

branded video content

Is branded content effective?

The resounding answer is yes! Branded content provides an opportunity for viewers to connect with the company and build a genuine connection. And this is exactly what consumers want in today’s online society.

Developing a real or genuine connection with your audience, is a great way to boost sales. As a company or business, it is unlikely that you will be the only option available, even within your local area. Consequently, whether the consumer chooses your company over another, is often down to this connection. You’ll become top of their preference list.

In summary

If your company wants to stay competitive online, branded video content is the way to go. Why not get in touch with the professionals at Oh Video today?