The 'WOW' factor

When it comes to places and spaces, few formats are as powerful and as engaging as Immersive and 360° video.

From the ‘WOW’ factor of being able to experience real places and events, to specially produced narrative content, you can be certain to leave an impression on whoever views your content.

Share your world

Show off what makes you the best.

Put viewers in the centre of your real-world experiences, events and venues. Stream every angle live to the world on social media and online platforms.

Share your knowledge

Oh Video’s can also employ the same technology as part of our Training Video Production service. Allowing you to enhance your training experience with Immersive 360° Video Learning tools for professional training and educators.

Showcase real world environments and situations to fully engage a viewer’s senses and form long lasting recognition of key learning outcomes.

Highly versatile technology and methods allow us to create or re-create scenarios that demonstrate key or industry specific skills including practical knowledge, situational awareness, interpersonal and professional skillsets.

Combine with digital environments to support academic modules and presenter led material.