Instagram stories are an updated Instagram feature. Similar to Snapchat stories, they allow users to upload video and photo content to one album in a slideshow like format which can only be accessed for 24hrs. After this time the content disappears. Savvy video marketers will already spot the potential of this feature for pushing your brand or company, but if the uses aren’t standing out to you just yet, don’t worry. Here at Oh Video we are experts at video marketing, and here are our top three tips for utilising Instagram Stories.

Cover an event

So, your company is launching a new product, completing a contract, or taking part in a celebration event? Using the Instagram stories feature you can continuously upload content into your story, without bombarding your followers with individual posts, as all videos and photos you upload will become part of the story. This stops viewers from becoming overwhelmed or feeling bombarded by your posts and potentially unfollowing you.

A not to miss feature

Make your Instagram story a not to miss feature, which will become an unmissable part of your follower’s day, with exclusive content guaranteed to keep them returning. Use Instagram stories to do just that, tell a story. Maybe invite your viewers to see what goes on in your offices or behind the scenes, or use Instagram stories to release one off footage of the design process for a new product. The fact that the content disappears after one day makes it all the more unmissable and exclusive.


So maybe putting together an entire story isn’t really suitable for your company or business, and maybe it’s not something you can keep up with, what can you do instead? Well, you can use the Instagram stories feature to post day to day highlights. If you’re a small local business, maybe it’s a new customer, or a completed job. Instagram Stories isn’t just for the big corporations, it can help your local company get noticed too, and using the feature for highlights can be just the sort of dip in, dip out social media you can relate to.

In summary

Instagram stories are the latest feature on Instagram, which allows you to group photos and video content together throughout the day, before wiping the footage after 24 hrs. This is perfect for covering an event, posting daily highlights and making your company unmissable. For all your video marketing needs, including social video marketing, contact Oh Video today.