Once you have produced a top-quality video, you need to share it through social media. But should you post a YouTube link to your new video? Or should you use the native video on the social media platform? Here at Oh Video, we are video marketing professionals. As a result, we have produced this article to help you look at the advantages and disadvantages of each approach.

First, why Facebook?

Facebook is massive. Not only is almost everyone on Facebook, but the users just keep growing. In addition, Facebook has a range of video options. It is clearly a social media platform that understands the direction video is taking.

Advantages to native Facebook video:

1. Native Facebook videos attract the same amount of attention as a YouTube video. This includes people liking and sharing your video.
2. Native Facebook videos attract more comments than YouTube videos. This is great for businesses as it means more interaction!
3. Sharing thoughts and comments on a Facebook video is a better experience for your viewers. Commenting on YouTube videos is off-putting due to the lurking trolls.
4. Facebook includes additional options for native video. This includes adding a like page option that sits alongside your video. This is great for sending traffic to your Facebook page and building your community. However, this option is not available when you share a YouTube video.

Advantages to YouTube videos on Facebook:

1. YouTube has the widest range of all video sites. So once you’ve put in all that hard work to produce a video, you want to share it as widely as possible. Once you have shared with YouTube, why waste time uploading to Facebook when you can share a link?
2. A video on both platforms can be more difficult to analyse because viewers and interaction is split. If you only want one focus for your video statistics, then YouTube Analytics is a great tool.
3. Linking to your video on Facebook provides the opportunity for viewers to be taken to your full YouTube channel. This publicises all of your other video content as well.

In summary

Ultimately the choice is yours. Both Facebook native video and YouTube videos have their own range of advantages. For help, advice or support, why not contact us at Oh Video today?