Engaging with viewers and potential consumers is at the centre of any video marketing strategy, but standing out from the crowd may be easier than you think. A good story line, a suitable platform hosting your video, and a clear call to action will make your video a strong contender for success. An interactive video, with all of the above features, is almost guaranteed to boost your sales and interest in your company. Here at Oh Video we know quite a lot about interactive content so let us walk you through it.

What is an interactive video?

Interactive content allows viewers to take an active part in the direction of the video, choose segments of an informative video that may be relevant to them, or even become part of the video. As you can tell, this is a much more engaging form of reaching out to your potential customers rather than a standard video.

Types of interactive video

As an emerging and developing aspect of video marketing, interactive video types are still appearing. There does appear to be a trend towards three major types though: the customisable video, the conversational video and the exploratory video.

The customisable video

This style of video allows users to choose one of a selection of videos to play, allowing the viewer choice of which video they would like to see and giving them more control over their viewing experience. Also, this type of choice can be used at different parts of a video, allowing users to choose the ending, for example.

The conversational video

The conversational video allows the user to input their choice, almost like a poll, and watch video content based on their choice. This has been utilised by Twitters Conversational Ad feature which has been used by brands such as Samsung to engage with and attract potential consumers.

The exploratory video

360 degree videos are a great example of the exploratory style video that allows users to move the video and view a product or a place from a range of angles. This gives viewers full control over what they actually see and can be a very positive video experience.

Whichever interactive video style you choose, you should focus on drawing your consumers and viewers into the experience by enabling them to become an active part of the video. This can increase viewers, get people talking about your product, service or company, and ultimately improve sales. So why not try out interactive video content today?