So, you’ve set up your website, included all the right information, you’ve even added a few pictures to make it more appealing. But there’s still something missing you can’t quite put your finger on.

That our friends, would be your promotional video. And what does that do exactly, well; exactly what it says on the tin.

Promotional Videos are ideal for up and coming businesses where potential clients have the chance to see what your company does. It has been found that a total of 92% of customers watch these videos, so what are you waiting for? Plus, if you’re not using videos, it’s a high chance your competitors are.

By including a promotional video on your website, search engines like Google are more likely to come up with your video, so not only does this mean more traffic, people have the ability to share your video and optimises likes and potential rankings.

Videos entertain people, they like to be shown what is going on, what services your company provides and how friendly you are. They like that you are reaching out to them, whether it be through their computer or mobile phone. You can create videos that engage with clients, and they don’t always have to be serious.

Make them laugh, make them remember your business, make your companies name be the first to pop into their heads when they need something.

More and more websites now include promotional videos, if you want to be successful in this everlasting competitive society, you have to sell your company through video. You can even feature previous clients who can share their positive experiences with your company and state why your business is number one. Give clients a behind the scenes look, indulge them, give them reasons to keep coming back.

Promotional videos are the way forward, if you want to be the best, you have to provide the best.