So you’ve got an amazing promotional video ready to advertise your company or business, but what should you do to get it out there? While Facebook and social media offer great platforms for your video to reach your followers or friends for free, your video probably won’t be seen by as many people as it could be. Paying to advertise on Facebook is a great idea, but YouTube, as the second largest search engine on the planet, has to be your number one priority.

With every smartphone incorporating a built in YouTube app and unique viewing figures per month reaching over one billion, YouTube could really boost your video’s success rates, particularly by using YouTube’s advertising function.

When browsing YouTube, you will notice adverts are used mainly in three distinct areas. But what is the difference between them?

In-Search advertisements

Referring to the advertisements that appear when the viewer uses the search function within YouTube itself, in- search advertising is used in a similar way to Google’s own search engine marketing. The top results that appear after the search will be paid for adverts, with the organic search results appearing underneath. These advertisements previously were fully highlighted in yellow, but this has changed to a simple, small yellow square that is not as noticeable. This means that if your video is relevant to the search, it is likely that the viewers will not notice it is an advert, and be more likely to watch.

In- Display advertisements

This refers to the advertisements that appear at the top of the sidebar when the viewer is watching a YouTube video. The sidebar gives recommended videos to watch in relation to the current video playing, and the top recommendations will often be adverts. Again, these are only highlighted by a small yellow square and viewers are likely to watch these videos, because they are related to a subject they are interested in. These kind of advertisements are a great way to give your video publicity and gain more viewers and potential customers.

In- Stream advertisements

These are potentially the most successful advertisements, which play either at the start of the video or during the video the user has chosen to watch. The viewer will have to watch five seconds of your advert before being able to skip back to their intended content, and if they like your video, clicking on it will take them to your landing page or website. This means that your promotional video could directly boost traffic and sales for your company.
If you have a great video and sharing via social media isn’t drawing in a serious number of new clients or customers, why not give advertising with YouTube a try?