Video content is becoming increasingly important. The perfect way to share your message, video is perfect for business. Here at Oh Video, we are video production, editing and marketing experts. As a result, we have produced this guide to explain why your business needs video content.

Conversion rates

It’s well known that video boosts conversion rates. This means that websites with video content experience more click throughs, sign ups, and sales, than websites without.

Video platforms

With an ever increasing range of platforms, distributing your content has never been easier. You can upload to YouTube, even creating your own channel. Alternatively, you can live stream straight to social media. You can create 360 degree videos for the ultimate UX (user experience). Or you can send directly to your customer’s inbox with your latest direct marketing campaign. Even this isn’t an exhaustive list of video distribution methods, there are many more.


Video marketing allows you to publicise your brand. Put your money and your time into creating great videos for marketing, and your brand awareness and image will greatly improve. Video allows your brand to shine like no other medium. Make the most of it.


Connecting with your audience is essential. This connection generates communication, which in turn, leads to your company growing in popularity.

In addition, this connection can also allow customers to see that you are genuine and trustworthy. These are key aspects for potential customers who may wish to use your product or service.

In summary

Video is essential for company success, especially in the digital age. There are a range of platforms to help you distribute your video and boost conversions. However, your video needs to be good quality. It will reflect directly on your brand, which is great for promoting awareness. However, no company or business would want to be associated with a low-quality video. Why not contact the professionals at Oh Video today, for all your video marketing needs.