Nearly all large companies have an R and D department responsible for researching the company, products, and other competitors, and using this research to develop and innovate. Small companies don’t have this luxury, and roles that would require an entire department for a large company, instead are shared as roles among the staff.

So, what has this got to do with video marketing? Well here at Oh Video we know just how important it is to be able to produce innovative videos, expand marketing strategy and grow business based on various aspects of research. In terms of video marketing, research and development is central.

All good video marketers spend a lot of time on research. Not only researching before producing a video but researching afterwards as well. This research allows decisions to be made about the path the video will take or the methods used to create the video, allowing future growth and development.

Pre-production research and development

Researching before filming or creating video content is integral to the success of the video and the company as a whole. It will aim to find out the popular video techniques being used, the way other companies are advertising, and how effective previous videos have been for the company in terms of a sales. For this reason, research areas may include the overall product sales from the companies own internal sales team, secondary research into the platforms used for video, and the age ranges of users, or perhaps secondary research into other similar companies and the video content they use. The results of this research will lead to the company developing a strategy specifically to target areas addressed through research and to create and develop videos not just using the same old methods but by blending techniques and making use of new technology.

Post-production research

Research after a video has been uploaded to whichever platform the company has chosen will be focused simply on the success of the video. Each company and perhaps each video will have different criteria for success depending on the purpose of the video and its message. For example, a video attempting to raise awareness of the company may be measured on number of views and direct site traffic from the video, whereas a video hoping to sell the latest product may well be instead focused on conversion ratio and sales figures. This research allows the company to develop for the future, capitalising on things that are effective, and avoiding previous mistakes.

In summary

Research and development both before filming and after uploading is really important as a video marketer. The researching essentially never stops as more and more trends, platforms and uses emerge for video content and this then shapes the development or video production and video marketing. For all your video needs, contact Oh Video today.