When marketing managers think of video content, they’re probably going to think YouTube or perhaps or at a push, Vimeo. But video has become one of the most promising and rewarding content formats across all social media channels, with more and more companies leveraging video content to increase brand awareness, engage with their consumers and sell more products.

Let’s start with the facts. With more than one billion video views on Facebook every day, the newsfeed is become increasingly video focused and they get more reach than any other type of post. Facebook’s auto-play means consumers are more likely to see your content when checking their feed on mobile, and videos on the social network are now even embeddable across other websites, meaning your branded content is more shareable than ever.

There are a number ways to use video content to build your customer base. Product videos can give consumers an in-depth exploration of what you have to offer, providing a persuasive tool to show your product in action and drive sales. Testimonials from existing customers will help to build your brand’s credibility, whereas a behind the scenes look at your company can give Facebook users a glimpse of your brand’s unique personality and add a human face to a corporate name.

If you’re not sold on video content already, picture this: people across Manchester, Stockport and Salford are watching and sharing thousands of clips with their friends every day. Word of mouth is a powerful tool, but to get the ball rolling you’ll need to reach the relevant customers first. Luckily, even with a small budget, your brand can use Facebook advertising to target local consumers living nearby. Investing in video means you can reach more of your target market in a way that is engaging and entertaining, without having to invest the big bucks that traditional television advertising requires.

The brilliant thing is your content isn’t limited to Facebook only; Instagram allows 15-second clips on their platform, and Twitter is embracing video as a way of helping brands get their creative content relevant viewers. Start investing in video content marketing today and you’ll soon see incredible results!