Direct marketing (email) is still the most common form of marketing. Companies and businesses can schedule emails for release and target a huge audience at once. Even with a small click through ratio, the numbers that can be generated make this worthwhile. But what happens when you combine email with video? Here at Oh Video we are video production, video editing and video marketing experts. As a result we have produced this guide to video in email.

Call to action

Video in email enables a direct call to action. Of course, this could be achieved with image and text only, but it doesn’t have the same effect. Video call to actions can be powerful, engaging and more motivating than a standard email. As a result, more of your email list will be likely to click through to your website.

Ease of consumption

Video is the easiest way to to absorb information. It is also much preferred by the vast majority of your potential customers. This means that you are essentially giving your viewers what they want. This is almost guaranteed success.

Not only is video great for your viewers. It is also easier for you. Video is a much better method of guiding your viewers through to your landing page than block text. It is visual and simpler for you to create, and has more chance of generating sales. What’s not to love?


Personalised video in email is much more likely to draw your viewers in. Personalisation helps people connect with your company and your content, generating sales.

video in email

In an industry where customers are bombarded with content, video is a good way to stand out. Personalised video, straight to the consumers inbox, is even better. Consumer choice often comes down to personal preference. If you can build a relationship with your consumers, you will have more chance of success.

In summary

Video within email is essential to generate more “click-through’s”, and more sales. It is powerful, easy to consume and easy to communicate through. In addition, it can help you connect with your consumers through personalisation. Why not contact the professionals at Oh Video today?