Increasing in importance, video content is a key part of any online marketing strategy. But not all video is good video. Many videos fade into the background noise of social media and the message you are trying to present gets lost or muddled without clear content and a focused approach. A video producer’s role is to make sure that your company’s video gets noticed, and that your message is well presented and perfect to draw the potential customers in.

The pre-production phase

Creative vision and the ability to relate the video to the overall marketing strategy and campaign are the key skills of a video producer, and a video that enhances the marketing strategy is much more likely to be successful.  Before production a video producer will work closely with the company to establish the message of the video, the role of the video within the marketing campaign (raise awareness or present a product etc.) and talk about how the video should be presented. Using the company’s ideas and aims, the video producer will help plan the video including storyboards and content.

During production

On shoot day, the video producer will be able to co-ordinate all aspects of the production, managing logistical issues and keeping the video shoot running smoothly. Also, the video producer will make sure the video stays on track, with the message remaining clear throughout

The post-production phase

Once the video footage has been collected it might feel like the job is done, but often this is the time when the video producer has the most work. Editing, timelines, budgets and deadlines, the video producer will make sure that your footage is collated into a video that will wow your viewers, attract new customers, and get your message out there.

In summary

Overall, a video producer will plan your project and map out the creative direction of your video, manage the shooting of the video footage, and oversee the editing and post production timelines. Here at Oh Video we have a wealth of experience with a range of video projects, working in video production. If you have a project that requires a professional touch, don’t hesitate to get in touch. We are sure our video production skills will leave you speechless.