Simple searches will show you that many companies and businesses are producing video content as part of their marketing strategy. But why? Well, when was the last time you yourself watched a YouTube video? Or paused your scrolling on social media to watch a funny video? Exactly! There is something so engaging about video, that it just draws people in. This means it is the perfect tool for marketing. But why do customers love video marketing? Here at Oh Video, we are video marketing and video production experts. We work across the region with companies in Leeds and Bolton and everywhere in between. This is our guide to help you understand just why video marketing is such a hit with your customers.

Video is easy to trust

If you are checking out a website, trying to figure out if it’s legit, video can be an influencing factor. While a bad video will turn customers away immediately, whether its bad acting or poor production, a good video will keep them engaged. In fact, a good video can present your company in a way that makes it easy for potential customers to trust your business. And when there are a lot of scammers out there, this is very important to customers.

Video content is shareable

People are social by nature. If we see something thought provoking, interesting, or funny, our first thought is to share that information with others. And visual information, in the form of a video, is the easiest to share.So if you produce a good quality piece of video marketing, the chances are your viewers will engage and ten share your content.

Video is memorable

Your potential customers have plenty of information to remember on a day to day basis. Remembering your company is not something that is top of their list of priorities, even if you do offer a service they need. As a result, companies that offer video content as a way of presenting information in digestible chunks, are much more likely to be remembered. This means that if you make life easy for consumers with video, you will reap the monetary rewards.

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