We’re back in full flow here at Oh! Video, and yesterday we enjoyed our first team meeting!  Don’t worry, there wasn’t a shirt, tie or jacket to be seen – it was, as usual, a relaxed affair.

We talked mainly about how we could improve our creative video production processes, whilst remaining as competitive as possible in the video production market.  We put together some practical pricing packages and talked about how we will be tackling larger, bespoke video production projects.

An interesting topic that we discussed was the importance of going the extra mile for each and every client, with a view to adding value to our portfolio of video productions, and allowing us to grow our video agency through recommendation and word of mouth.  So, we can tell you today that our clients can be sure of 110% effort every time as we continue to grow Oh! Video.

We’ve already responded to some excellent enquiries from interesting businesses throughout Manchester and the North this year – from internet retailers looking for introductory video for their websites, to therapists wishing to utilise video to explain the benefits of their services.  It always takes us by surprise just how many types of organisation are becoming interested in how video can add value to their existing online presence.

With all this in mind, we’d like to say that we’re looking forward to a great second year in business and we cant wait to meet our future clients, and to work with you to grow your operations via the incredible power of video.