For companies and businesses looking to make a connection, and an impression, online, video marketing can be very effective. But some videos are more effective than others, on particular platforms. And when thinking about video marketing, you can never overlook the importance of social media. But, what type of video performs well on social media? Well, here at Oh Video, we are Manchester’s leading video production and video marketing specialists. And we have the tools and skills to help your videos succeed on social media. In fact, we work with companies around the region, from Leeds and Sheffield, to Stockport and Manchester, to deliver effective, high quality video marketing solutions. As a result, we have produced this guide to video marketing and social media.

What type of video performs well on social media?

So, for companies that are looking to grow their audience, appeal to more potential customers and grab attention on social media, what type of video content can help? Well, several types of video tend to perform well on social media, and these include:

  • Testimonial video content
  • Video advertisements
  • Product videos

Testimonial video content

Typically, testimonial video content performs well on social media because it speaks directly to your audience. Testimonials usually involve a previous customer or client talking about your product or service, and what kind of benefits they found from this. Because the previous customer is directly filmed, this video content can reach out to potential new customers, and they are more likely to trust the content of the video. This trust is what compels the potential customers, to take action and purchase or sign up to your website.

Video advertisements

From service provides to eCommerce professionals, a video advertisement can be incredibly influential on social media. Keep it short and sweet, and demonstrate all of the best features of either your product, or your service. Make sure the video is high quality, and this could easily help you reach more people, through share-ability. Not only could your video help to reach more people, it could also increase sales and sign ups too. Especially if the content is well produced.

Product videos

Similar to a video advertisement, a product video will also involve showing off your products. But instead of just showing off your products, a product video can also go into more details about the specifics and key features. This can become almost like an explainer video, but less in depth. Using labels and annotations in your video can help to visually demonstrate any features you want to discuss.

Considerations for social media video content

To really get the most out of any social media video content, there are some considerations you might want to bear in mind. These include:

  • Making sure your video can be watched in silence. As an increasing number of viewers decide to watch social media video content without sound, it is essential that your video content makes sense without relying on sound. Captions and text can help.
  • Making sure your video is less than 2 minutes long. The shorter the better for social media clips.

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