The latest Facebook craze is live-streaming. This is exactly what it sounds like: people shooting video footage that is directly uploaded onto Facebook while it is captured. Many businesses and companies have found that this is a great way to use video marketing with social media, and allow a level of direct access for consumers and clients that wasn’t available previously. Here at Oh Video we have some great tips for you in relation to live-streaming.

Follow the same structure as a regular video

Planning your script, perfecting your purpose and promoting your profession are all key stages of the pre-video phase. These should not be overlooked when preparing for a live-streaming video session if you want to make your video as successful as possible. Remember, the professionalism of your live stream video must be the same level as any other video content you would release to the public.

Focus on the audience

Live-streaming is unique in that it is a video form that allows interaction during the actual content, so taking questions from viewers and answering them honestly can be a much better use of a live-streaming video than simply selling or promoting, as this can be done via regular video content. However, taking questions from viewers can be risky and it always helps to have a back-up plan if the questions aren’t relevant or appropriate. Instead, you can ask questions of your viewers and wait for a response, almost like a live market research exercise.

Be prepared

Always be prepared during a live-streaming video session for any eventuality and make sure you have a way of ending the video if things aren’t going according to plan. Of course, by this we don’t just mean hit the stop record button as this wouldn’t demonstrate the level of professionalism that it is important to maintain. But if things go horribly wrong, making sure you sign off on a positive, such as a call to action or an announcement of when you will next live stream, will be a big bonus.

In summary, live-streaming is a great video technique that anyone can use to connect with their audience and viewers and attract a growing number of potential customers. We at Oh Video think it can really support video marketing, so how can you make it work for you?