It’s fairly clear that we can film, edit and produce great video, but there’s a lot more to marketing success than just that.  So what makes Oh! Video Production Manchester the perfect partner in general digital marketing success?  Well here’s what you didn’t know…

Oh! Video Ltd consists of Patrick Walsh, John King and Brian Smith.  Whilst Patrick is our incredibly creative, highly skilled and perfectly educated videographer (Patrick is currently studying his Master Degree in videography and film making), what you possibly didn’t know is that both Brian and John have previously built an established and very respected digital marketing agency over in Preston.

So when it comes to digital marketing and creative video production, Oh! Video is the perfect team.  With a whole bunch of experience in how to effectively deliver your key message online, a message which is likely to motivate your video viewer to get in touch – along with super creative video shooting and editing mastery, we hope you’ll agree that we have the whole thing nailed down.

In choosing to work with Oh Video, you’re not just choosing another Manchester based video agency, you’re hiring creative and experienced internet marketers who care about your marketing success, and know exactly how to go about helping you to achieve your goals.

We’re always happy to give as much advice as we possible can when it comes to any area of marketing.  All of our advice is based on real life marketing experience as owners of successful businesses ourselves.

It’s a vast digital universe out there, and it’s good to have suppliers on board which have the experience and enthusiasm to guide you through it.  So if you have any questions on how to best utilise your video on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter or on your website itself, give us a call – we’re on board!