Email remains one of the top ways that businesses and companies get in touch with prospective clients and customers. However, people are inundated with emails from companies looking to attract customers every day, so how can you make your email stand out? Well, the simple answer to that question is video. Here at Oh Video, we are experts in all things video, including production, editing and marketing. This is our guide to why you should use video marketing in your emails.

Call to action

Emails that use video with a direct call to action are more powerful, more engaging, and more likely to be engaged with than a standard email. Video is the preferred method for information sharing and absorbing. Consequently, customers are far more likely to watch your video than they are to read an email. The visual nature of video content makes it easier to guide viewers through to your website landing page. The more viewers you can pull to your landing page, the more chance you have of generating sales. It also means you can be more explicit with your call to action button throughout the video content.


Using video within an email gives the opportunity for some elements of personalisation. This makes people connect with your content and your business. As a result, customers are up to 60% more likely to click through to your landing page. Personalisation builds a relationship between your company and the client. In an industry where there are many similar services, the consumer choice comes down to how much the client likes your company. Video within an email could include the customer name, the company name and be related to previous purchases.

video in email

In summary

Video within email can drive conversion and generate sales. Consequently, video is essential to growing your business. Using video in email increases the likelihood of viewers following your call to action, and provides the opportunity for you to tailor your videos to the audience using personalisation. For more advice or support with your own video marketing, contact Oh Video today.