Any video producer will tell you that the quality of your video is imperative to video success. But how can you make sure your video quality is high? And what are the most important aspects to focus on? Here at Oh Video we are video production and marketing experts. This is our guide to top quality video.


Believe it or not, sound quality is incredibly important. Whether device your viewer is using, the sound needs to be feedback free and good quality. In fact, people often will stop watching a video because of poor sound quality. This includes videos that are uncomfortably loud, too quiet, or simply crackly. Prevent early exit of your video by making sure to use a noise filter during the editing process.


Quality lighting with the correct white balance is important for a natural and realistic video picture. Good lighting can make your video appear professional and your company look like one that knows what it’s doing. As a result, we recommend using natural light and experimenting with lighting in different scenarios. Don’t just settle for the basics if you want to succeed.


It’s true what they say, good quality equipment leads to a good quality product. However, you should be able to shoot a mid to good quality video with one of the latest android or Apple phones. Notably, the technology for video production has progressed a great deal. Having said that, a DSLR camera can provide a professional level of quality, with depth and clarity. Consequently, we feel that investing in quality equipment will certainly pay off in the long run. Quality video will attract more customers and promote your company as professional.

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In summary

Video quality is imperative to video success.  from sound to lighting, and quality equipment, your video production should emphasise quality from the very beginning. For a quality, focused service, contact us at Oh Video today.