Reaching your potential consumers is easy with video marketing, but you have to put the effort into promoting your own video and content. Only a small percentage of your viewers will actively use a search engine to find you or your company. You can attract more consumers who may stumble upon your video by accident via YouTube and social media. At Oh Video, we are experts in video marketing and this article will outline some of the most important aspects of video promotion.


Use in built features and functions to your advantage, for example on YouTube you are prompted to provide accurate titles, detailed descriptions and to tag your video with relevant keywords to help increase the chances of your video appearing after using the YouTube search function. This is all for free. If you are willing to tie your YouTube account to your Google AdWords, then you will be able to advertise, pushing your content further.

Use your existing database

So you have a client email list or a record of your previous customers? Great! Use these records to get people watching your video content. Send out a link as part of your direct marketing campaign and wherever possible personalise the content. Don’t necessarily make a new video addressing each customer individually, that would be a little over the top, but using names or similar products to what they were interested in can go a long way to making sure they actually watch the video.

Social media

Encourage your friends, family, previous customers and clients etc. to share your video content and help draw in more users from the free advertising that one click of a button on social media can provide.

Call to action

Of course, all this promotion across different channels is pointless if your video itself doesn’t direct people to the point of sale. Maybe your video is a great informative piece about your company, which in itself is fantastic, but it isn’t going to help push conversion rates if you leave your viewers to google your company themselves to find your website. Include a call to action button to link back to your company website directly.

And finally…

Hire a professional team who can take care of everything for you! From production to promotion here at Oh Video we are dedicated to quality video content. If your video isn’t getting the view time it deserves, or you just aren’t making the sales, contact us today.