With the majority of people accessing YouTube and Facebook videos through their smartphone it is clear that video marketing, if it is to make good use of these platforms, needs to ensure that the video production takes into consideration the unique aspects of smartphone technology.

Smartphone video content has its own benefits, as well as potential pitfalls. Here at Oh! Video we are well aware of these. Here are some tips that we find beneficial to bear in mind while producing promotional video material.

Short and Snappy

We all know that people use their smartphones most often when they are out and about; that is the beauty of mobile devices. However, some companies tend to overlook this fact when producing and releasing video content intended to be viewed on social media. Consumers are much more likely to watch a short, snappy video (30 seconds or less) then they are to watch an infomercial or extended video. This is especially relevant to smartphone viewers who may be traveling, having lunch, or simply taking a short break while still at the office. For most smartphone viewers, time is precious so make sure your short, snappy video gets straight to the point, grabs attention and is memorable.

Sound Quality

Again, considering the mobility of smartphone video it is imperative when creating and editing your promotional video that you do not skimp on sound quality. The message and purpose of videos that are too quiet will get missed by consumers without earphones, who are likely to be in a busy place, while video with sound that is not audibly clear is likely to not be watched long enough to be understood. Make sure your short video sets the appropriate tone for your consumers, and perhaps most importantly, your company.


Smartphones are typically a range of shapes and sizes and this is essential to note when producing video content for marketing. Your video will generally be scaled to fit on most platforms and this can lead to some loss of quality. For some consumers loss of content can occur, as when viewing vertically, the end sections of a horizontal video will be lost. In short, the adaptability of mobile viewing platforms is very important.
As an increasing number of people use their smartphone for viewing, it is obvious that video production for multi-platforms will continue to evolve. To make sure your business is up to date and relevant, it is essential that you stay current with new developments.