Here at Oh Video in Manchester we are video production and video marketing experts. We work with a range of companies and clients across the region, from Leeds to Salford, to provide top quality video solutions. One of the most important parts of our video production success, has been sourcing fantastic shooting locations. The location can make a huge difference to the quality and success of the final video. As a result, we have produced this guide to video production and location sourcing.

Finding a good location

Whatever your video is about, and whatever message you need to deliver, a good location is a necessity. But finding a great place to produce video content doesnt happen instantly. Before we can choose a suitable location, we need to know:

⦁ the storyline or plot of the video
⦁ the filming timeline you need to adhere to

The Storyline or Plot

Different videos have a different message to share and a different purpose. As a result, before a suitable location can be found, it is important to know the storyline. This can make a big difference, for example, a video about home insurance, filmed in an empty field, wouldn’t make much sense.

Not only does a filming location have to make sense to the plot, it also needs to be a suitable background feature. This means it needs to not take centre stage, or detract from your message. If your viewers are too distracted by your background, your video wont have the impact you desire.

The filming time-frame

This is more of a practical consideration. If your filming budget means you only have a day to shoot, the location will need to be:

⦁ within an easy travel distance
⦁ private so that shooting can continue un-interrupted
⦁ quiet, or even better, silent, so that the sound quality is good enough for one day of filming

For more information or advice about professional video production and location sourcing, get in touch today with the experts here at Oh Video.