It’s been great working with Katie and the team at The Dyslexia Centre on their new video. Not without challenges but, as always, we got there in the end!

The Dyslexia Centre is based here in the North West and provides classes, courses and support for adults and children with dyslexia and other learning challenges.

We were approached by Katie, who had a requirement for a short video which was intended to be placed on the company website.

It was evident to Katie that a website alone was not enough to effectively communicate the quality, or the personal service that the centre provides. So, we were asked to come along and film the classes in action, and to interview Katie.

There were some challenges involved with this project. There was a lot of background noise which we had to work around, and a very small space in which to take video footage. We took our lightest and most compact camera equipment so as not to impose too much on the available space.

Since the launch of the video, we’re pleased to say that the centre has experienced a significant increase in enquiries via the website, which just goes to show how video can be used to kick-start the relationship between the business, and the prospect.