When it comes to your web marketing, there is no better place for your videos to be than on your company website. But where exactly should you put them and how do they fit into the layout of your website? After all, it’s important that your video can attract the attention of the audience, and get the publicity it deserves. Here at Oh Video in Manchester, we are video production and video marketing experts. We work across the region to provide top quality video marketing support and services. As a reuslt, we have produced this guide to video placement for websites.

Landing page video

If your video is for a landing page, you should make sure you place it above the fold. This will attract the attention of the audience and keep them engaged with your website. As a result, they will be more likely to stay on your page and buy your products or choose your services.
In additon, you could consider sutoplay as an option. This mans that the video will beign to play once the webpage is loaded, and your viewers will immediately be drawn to watch it.

Sidebar video

Video in the sidebar is a popular option for website video placement. This is because you can keep the main content of your web-page text based and informative, and provide a supporting video if appropriate. It also give the viewer the opportunity to choose to watch your video or not. However, text based content is not usually very appealing, so avoid this approach for landing pages or pages where you expect to convert a lot of customers.


On any of your website pages you should position your video so that it is obvious for your website visitors. This means that you should aim to place it near the top of the page, and keep the surrounding writing to a minimum.

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