Well, with New Year fast approaching, and 2018 just around the corner, there is never a better time to predict what the future might bring. But we’ll avoid the topics of Brexit and Trump and simply concentrate on what we do best. Here at Oh Video, we make it our mission to stay on top of the latest developments and changes that occur when it comes to video production and video marketing. So, these are the video marketing trends for 2018.

Live Video

OK, OK, we know this one was huge throughout 2017, but the numbers speak for themselves. An increasing number of companies have been making use of social video and live streaming, and this has only encouraged the size of the audience. In fact, half of 18-34 year olds will drop what they are doing to watch a live video produced by their favourite creator. It seems consumers just cant get enough. And this has been such a popular development that it is no wonder marketers and companies will be continuing to develop their live streaming schedules into the new year.

Facebook Live, Instagram Live and Live streaming on YouTube are some of the most popular ways for companies to reach out to their audience. Live streaming can help to present the human face of the company and develop consumer to brand relationships. Especially if you use the time for interviews, live Q and A sessions and behind the scenes content.

But all this has already been successful. In 2018, you can expect an increasing amount of consumer interaction with the live video being developed with user interaction in mind. In fact, it wont be too long before consumers are dictating the way that video footage will play out. Using the love and like icons to allow consumers to vote on actions, they dont just get to interact with their favoutrite brand, they will also feel more connected. Watch this space.

Virtual Reality Marketing

Virtual reality has hit our homes officially this year with the PlayStation 4 VR headset and VR games. And with London’s first VR Arcade opening, whether you love it or you hate it, VR truly does seem to be the future of gaming, at least for now. But what about video? Well, it is very much uncharted territory. Global companies with the deep budgets are only just beginning to contemplate the uses of VR marketing, although in five years time, this may well be mainstream.

At the moment, VR marketing involves persuading a customer to put on the virtual reality headset to begin with. But once they do, they can experience marketing like never before. While it takes more effort than glancing at an advert, it could be incredibly lucrative for big business.

360 Videos

2017 has seen a number of 360 videos being used to great effect. From the BBC nature documentaries, to car manufacturers and big brands, 360 video is fully immersive. However, while it has been limited in use to only large companies and brands, in 2018, we predict that this will be more widely used and accepted. Small to medium sized companies will be able to produce and market 360 videos more easily than previously thought.

360 images and video content has been shared widely on social media this year, and it is very immersive. However, some research has found that it is not as readily viewed as normal video content. This will change as people get used to viewing in this way, and more brands get on board with the 360 video.

In summary

2018 will see expansion by small to medium sized businesses into realms that have been tried and tested this year. From live streaming to 360 video content, smaller companies will be able to build on the platform that large companies have created.

In addition, large companies will be looking to use virtual reality as a marketing and video strategy.

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