An increasing number of companies are using video marketing as a way of reaching out to customers. From tailor made advertisements to live streaming via social media, video content has never been more popular. Here at Oh Video, we are experts in video marketing. As a result, we have produced this guide to video marketing statistics.

Why video?

Many companies wonder what’s so great about video. It is the fastest growing area of marketing, and is only going to become more important. Here at Oh Video, we feel that the statistics regarding video marketing speak for themselves!

  • 80% of all web traffic will be in video format by 2019. This means that if your company wants to stay up to date, you need to get on board with video marketing.
  • More than 35% of spending on advertisements online is now dedicated to producing video content
  • Video directly increases the click through rates on marketing emails by up to 300%. As a result, your direct marketing campaign will be up to 300% more effective.
  • Landing pages with embedded videos can boost conversion rates by up to 80%. This means an investment in video will help your sales rocket.
  • More than 90% of customers say that videos about products, help them to make decisions about purchasing. Consequently, a good video about a new product can boost sales.
  • YouTube state that video consumption on mobile video platforms increases by 100% each year.
  • Video content is used in the digital marketing strategies of nearly 90% of online marketers
  • Nearly 60% of decision makers within companies or businesses would prefer to watch a video than read an article

Video consumption is also growing amongst consumers:

video marketing statistics infographic

In summary

If you are looking for a guaranteed way to boost conversions, bring in customers and stay relevant, then video is what you need. It is a proven method of marketing. In addition, it is what your customers expect to see and is the way they prefer to gather information. For all your video marketing needs, contact us at Oh Video today.