Video production isn’t our only area of expertise here at Oh Video. In fact, we work with businesses and clients in Manchester and across the North West to establish effective video marketing strategies. Video marketing can have a significant influence on your online success. As a result, we have produced this video marketing checklist, detailing everything that small businesses need to know.

Know your video marketing purpose:

Video marketing begins by understanding exactly what you expect, or want, your video to achieve. Some common video marketing aims include:

  • highlighting your company values- making your customers feel like part of a brand community with guided tours, staff interviews and fun behind the scenes footage
  • showing off your products and services- like revealing hints about your latest product
  • promoting brand trust with testimonial video content
  • explaining something about your services
  • keeping your customers up to date on developments- perfect for startups and crowd funded projects, as well as building work and business expansion
  • saying thank you to customers via personalised video in email
  • showing investors what you’ve been up to with all their cash
  • training for staff and employees
  • answering questions from customers
  • tackling common “how to” issues with video tutorials
  • building your brand identity with video content shared across social media platforms

Once you’ve chosen an aim, like one of those listed above, you can think about how to use this video to make sales.

How to use video to generate sales

Video can help boost your profit margins, if you market it wisely. Here are some essentials that you need to tick off your video marketing checklist, if you want to generate more revenue.

  • fully optimise your video content for the web using your selected keyword or key-phrase in the title, alt tag and description tag
  • make sure your video includes a link back to your website, to boost your click through rates from social media, YouTube and email
  • make sure your video is responsive and will look great on all platforms to give the best impression of your company
  • make sure the call to action is clear for all video content, and that this can be followed through with a simple click
  • consider selling ads for your video content. If you are ranking highly on YouTube and have a lot of subscribers, you should look at generating income from that by allowing sponsored ads.

Video marketing checklist

  1. The video length must be suitable for the video purpose. For social media, it will be under 1 minute long, for investors, more than 2 minutes.
  2. Whatever the purpose of the video, you only have 10 seconds to grab attention. So your video needs to be engaging right from the start.
  3. Your video needs to be high quality, including good sound quality, with great visuals
  4. Videos must be clearly company branded regardless of the hosting platform
  5. Video thumbnails should be interesting, quirky and eyecatching
  6. Video content needs to focus on delivering the aim of the video as well as the user needs
  7. All videos should be fun and engaging so that people want to watch them. This is especially true for explainer videos, product reveals, training videos and investor videos, where often the fun element is missing completely
  8. Video call to actions must be simple and easy to follow
  9. Text captions and typography need to be easy to read and appropriately sized

For more information or advice about video marketing, or for professional video production services, why not get in touch with the experts today, here at Oh Video? Manchester’s leading video experts.