Storytelling is an essential part of video production and marketing. With more businesses looking to adopt video marketing as a branding tool or advertisement method, story-telling is increasingly important. Here at Oh Video, we are video experts. As a result, we have produced this guide to video marketing and storytelling.

Why storytelling?

Visually telling a story is a great way to connect with your audience and deliver a message. Consequently, the best storytellers choose a simple, uncomplicated story, and tell it well.

In addition, this method of video marketing produces brand awareness and encourages people to share your video amongst their friends.

How to tell the story?

There are four aspects to telling a good story through video. These are known as the four P’s:


Developing characters is the best method of encouraging your audience to become emotionally involved. Relatable and relevant characters help your audience to connect with the video, and your brand itself.


Location is an important consideration for your video. As a result, a good setting for your story can bring added depth. However, a setting that is not suited to the storyline can detract from your overall message.

There are three questions that can help you decide on a video location. These are:

  1. Relevance – is the setting relevant to your storyline?
  2. Comfort –does the setting allow your characters to feel comfortable?
  3. Production friendly – Is the setting suitable for video production? Is there enough space?


All good stories have a good plot. A journey or a conflict that adds depth to the storyline really draws the viewers in.

In addition, the plot adds to the relatability of the characters, while also delivering your message.


What is your ultimate message? This should be the purpose of your video. Consequently, at each stage of production, you should consider your audience and the message you are delivering. Why will people watch your video? What does it aim to say? The best videos incorporate purpose into all aspects of the storytelling.

In summary

Video marketing is reliant on storytelling. Consequently, throughout production, the story should be the central focus. People, places, plot and purpose make up the main considerations for good storytelling. The audience will be more engaged with a video that has a good storyline. As a result, story-telling is what will make your video a success. For all your video production and marketing needs, contact us at Oh Video today.