Promoting your company or business can mean different things across the target demographics, but the use of video as a tool to engage, inform, entertain or interact with your potential customers or clients is an effective way to appeal to the masses. Having said that, when 18-35 year old’s spend an ever increasing amount of time interacting with smartphones and social media, it becomes apparent that video marketing needs to meet them there.

Social media has been a game changer for business advertising and marketing and it is becoming increasingly obvious that the use of video across all social media platforms is a key way to generate interest and potential consumers.

Thankfully, there are a range of options available to publish video content across social media and we at Oh! Video have some great tips.


A ten second video doesn’t sound anywhere near enough time to share your brand/business with potential consumers, but it is fast becoming one of the more popular ways to interact with millennials. With a ten second behind the scenes clip, a teaser of an upcoming product, or a snippet of praise from a satisfied customer, your Snapchat video can grab attention and help your company present itself. With over 100 million daily users, Snapchat could provide a key boost to your sales or visibility.

Facebook Live

A fairly recent addition to the many features of Facebook is Facebook Live. This gives you the ability to interact with your customers in real time. Essentially, your video will be streamed live on the Facebook feed with customers able to start and stop viewing at any point and also like, comment and share throughout the interaction. This has become a speedy way to garner attention and get companies noticed. Whether its a question and answer session or a tour of the office, live streaming will definitely get people talking.


Sharing videos on Twitter is a fairly common practice for many companies and businesses but what is especially nice about the Twitter feature is the ability to trim and edit your video content in the app before sharing with your followers, perfect for those blooper moments.

With social media remaining one of the central focuses of internet use amongst the 18-35 year old’s, it is essential that your video marketing strategy aims to take advantage of this, keeping on top of latest developments and implementing regular, relevant interactions.