When it comes to video marketing, you are putting your company, and your brand out there for all to see. So whatever video you produce, this will be a direct reflection of how people see your brand. Whether its for social media or your website, you need to focus on your brand. A boring or dull video, that lacks personality wont stick in anyone’s mind, and neither will your company. Here at Oh Video, we are video production and video marketing experts, including social video. As a result, we have produced this guide to video marketing and personality.


Different personalities

When thinking about developing personalities for your company or brand, you should take look at those already out there. Many successful companies have managed to connect with their audience by developing a brand persona. Branding experts have categoriesed these personas into five areas:

  • Sophisticated– (Rolex, Jaguar, Nike, Adidas) – A brand that is long standing, and associated with luxury.
  • Exciting– (F1, Monster) – A brand that lives on the edge and is always up to date.
  • Competent– (Specsavers, Starbucks)- A brand that is an expert in its own field.
  • Rugged– (Mountain Warehouse)- A brand that is associated with tough durability and resistance.
  • Sincere– (Disney, Innocent Smoothies)- A brand that is known for being wholesome and genuine.

video marketing and personality

Video marketing and personality

Once you have an understanding of how people view your company, or how you want your company to be perceived, you can then begin to plan your video production.

This will all come down to your audience, after all, they are the ones that will be speaking directly to your company through sales figures and traffic. If your audience are on board with your company branding, you will have much better results.

If you are ready to begin your video marketing, or if you need support identifying your brand identity, contact the professionals at Oh Video today.