With all aspects of video production, editing and marketing our area of interest and expertise, at Oh Video we can help you to transform your company. Video marketing has the power to present information about your company and reflects your companies focus and aims, and for this reason video marketing itself is essential, but it needs to work in cohesion with your companies branding strategy.

What is branding

Deciding on your company name and logo aren’t the only choices you will need to actively make when deciding the best method of establishing your company with an identity. This whole process is what is meant by the term branding strategy, and is or should be an ongoing approach taken by your company to define and establish your company.

What has this got to do with video marketing?

Any video you upload to the Internet that is connected to or related to your website or company name automatically becomes a reflection of your companies standard and values, effecting the message that you are portraying about your company. For this reason, video marketing within companies needs to refer directly to the branding strategy or team for guidance, not just for colour scheme and fonts to fit in with the visual branding, but also to ensure the content of the video is relevant to and supportive of the branding approach as a whole.

Examples of companies with a great branding approach include:

The Body Shop: where the ethical and natural approach to beauty is clearly branded and represented throughout video content, colours and imagery, maintaining the focus on ethical beauty standards.
Mercedes-Benz: where the elegance and class is established again through colour scheme and visual elements but in terms of video marketing, even the speech represents the brand as higher class of car manufacturers.

In summary

Video marketing and branding go hand in hand and ensuring the quality of the video content and cohesive branding is essential to company success. For all your video marketing needs contact us today at Oh Video.