Choosing a location to set your video is a vital part of your planning process. A bad location can cause issues with audio clarity and visual distraction as well as creating difficulty understanding and extracting the overall message of the video. Any video you create reflects your company itself and as a result, video marketing is one of the most important aspects to your company’s overall marketing strategy. Here at Oh Video we excel at all things video, including production, editing, and marketing. Here are our tips to help you decide on the perfect filming location.


The purpose of your video will determine the location you decide on. A studio type environment where the lighting and sound can be controlled may be perfect for interviewing previous customers about their experience with you as a company, but for a video aiming to be used on social media showing a glimpse of life behind the scenes in your business, a studio environment will not achieve this. Of course, you should take into consideration the editing capabilities available to you as noise, sound quality and visual effects can all be controlled after filming during the editing process.


The amount of money you have to spend days on your video marketing will determine where you choose to film. Filming in your own company offices for example will be much cheaper than renting a studio or public place.


The amount of time you have for filming will affect cost and overall location choice. If you are planning on a half day of filming you may want to choose a location in or around your business property. The aim of this is to ensure that you can set up equipment and plan and prepare for any eventuality so that you don’t have to adapt during filming, lengthening the process. Of course, if timeliness is not a factor then your filming choices for locations will remain broad.

In summary

Your filming location can be narrowed down by three main choices, the purpose of the video, the budget for the video and the time you have for filming. For a professional, experienced, and qualified team, why not contact Oh Video today to make sure you can make the most out of your video vision.