Talking head videos, and video interviews are some of the best ways to produce video content for your viewers. But how easy is this? And how can the interviewee get prepared? Here at Oh Video, we are Manchester’s top video production experts. As a result, we have produced this guide to video interview preparation.

The pre-production preparation

Getting to know your filming team, including the producer, is a really important step before a video interview. This can help you feel more relaxed, something that will definitely shine through when you are on camera.

Not only is this good for communication and confidence, it also has a variety of practical benefits. For example:

  • It is sometimes necessary to discuss clothing, especially if a green screen will be used in the background. This can help prevent any mishaps that might occur on the filming day.
  • You may also need to discuss a script or the key points that will be discussed. This is essential to organise before filming begins as it will save you time and money. It will also help to make sure you will cover all of the necessary points that you want to get across.

In addition, the location will need to be checked out in the pre-production phase. This will need to be vetted for sound quality and light quality to make sure that the best possible footage can be produced on the filming day. Otherwise you will end up being frustrated and needing to re-shoot.

On the Big Day

There are several things to take into consideration when it comes to video interview preparation. These include:

  • Timings- Video interviews can take additional time. Before filming begins, everyone will need to be briefed and there will need to be some time for warm up. This additional time can help everyone feel relaxed and at ease. Here at Oh Video, this is something we are very keen to ensure, as it will help to produce a better quality video.
  • Style- The setting and style of the footage is something that will be monitored throughout filming to make sure that the content is in line with what would have been agreed before filming.

In summary

Video interview preparation is the key to video production success. Here at Oh Video we will strive to make everything as relaxed and simple as possible. Why not contact us for more information, or pop in to our studio, just off Oxford Road, in Manchester?