Video editing is a skill that takes time and experience to develop, but there are tips and tricks to help you get started. Editing is one of the most important aspects of video marketing as it allows you to sew up the seams of your video footage in light of your marketing messages and aims. Here at Oh Video, we are experts in all aspects of video marketing, from video production all the way through to upload. This is our guide to help you on your way to becoming a video editing pro.

Software Matters

The right editing software can make all the difference to your finished product. Although any video editing software can help you edit the perfect video, the better software and editing studios will be more intuitive, saving you time, which is particularly important for some projects, while also offering a wider range of services.


Although a top of the range computer won’t automatically make you an amazing video editor, if your computer has more processing power and runs faster, you will be able to spend more time actually piecing the footage together rather than waiting for your computer to render the images. Of course, the computer you use for editing your video footage will be selected by your own personal preferences, but it is important to consider the quality of the hardware you are using.

video editing


When editing video footage, you are piecing together the story, not just cutting footage. Make sure you stick to the direction and goals that your company or business is aiming to achieve when marketing the video. Don’t forget to take into consideration the audience and demographic, as well as the platform the video will be uploaded to.

In summary

Video editing is a specific skill that does take practice to develop, but choosing the correct software and hardware is important, as this can make your life as an editor easier. In addition, while editing you need to develop your storytelling ability. Why not call us at Oh Video today, for some expert, professional help?