Persuading people to buy into your idea or product isn’t easy, unless you’re the next Steve Jobs. However, if you can utilise video, you are much more likely to succeed.

Video is a captivating media that can draw viewers in and dominates most of the social media platforms. In terms of marketing, there really is no better way to present your company, your products or your new concepts. In a one minute video (possibly the best possible length for your video) you can convey an extraordinary amount to interested viewers.

Video can be used to portray a wide variety of perspectives including emotional, factual, and informative, and as a marketer you can select the most appropriate angle for the product or idea you are aiming to promote. For example, an informative question and answer session with a satisfied customer might be of interest if you are wanting to promote your companies reliability and integrity. However, releasing a video like this will not directly help you to promote the latest product.

As you can tell being aware of the purpose of the video is the best place to start, but what else is necessary to help make video marketing work for you?


Watch. Watch. Watch. The best type of research for video marketing is to watch and absorb as many videos from other companies as possible. But don’t just be a passive viewer. Whilst watching make notes of similarities, trends and patterns, as well as what doesnt work for you as the viewer. All of this will out you in a better position to produce well informed and focused video contact.


Keep your video short. To keep the attention of the potential consumers the timing of your video needs to be short and to the point. Long, drawn out messages are likely to be lost or worse, your video will be exited half way through. Before you start the production process make sure you know the point of your video and how to get there.


So you have researched, you know what point your video is attemting to portray, and you know how to get there within a minute. The next step is to plan. Map out scenes or make a storyboard. Make sure everyone involved in creating the video knows exactly what is happening as if your plan is comprehensive, structured and logical, chances are your final video will be too.

We hope you succeed with your video marketing journey.