When it comes to building an online presence, there is nothing more useful than video content. But you need to know where to distribute different types of video to. While some video types will be fantastic for Facebook and Instagram, others might be better suited to YouTube or email marketing. Other videos should have a place on your company website. But choosing which pieces of video content belong where is never easy. Here at Oh Video, we are Manchester’s leading video experts. And we work with clients and companies across Manchester to deliver top quality video marketing and video production support. As a result, we have produced this guide to using video content on your business website.

Using video content on your business website

Adding video content to your website has a range of advantages, as discussed here. But you need to make sure you choose the right style and type of video to add. Suitable video options can include:

  • Testimonial content
  • Company story videos
  • Product explainer videos

Testimonial video content

Using testimonial video content on your business website is a great way to promote your company to interested, potential customers. This is because, a testimonial video usually involves a previous customer or client reviewing your services or products. With honest, realistic, and genuine feedback. All of which can help a potential customer make the leap of faith to purchase your products, sign up, or use your services.

Because testimonial video content is really persuasive, and generally gets great results, it can be used across your website. For example:

  • You can add testimonial content to your homepage. Although it wouldn’t be used as the header video content, it could work as an element further down the page
  • Testimonial video can be added to the sidebar. This means that every page with the sidebar activated, would show the video, and as a result, it could reach more people.
  • The about us page is also a good place for a testimonial video. If you want to tell people about your company, why not let a satisfied customer speak on your behalf? People can be more likely to believe these videos, rather than you simply talking about yourself.

Company story videos

Company story videos include videos that tell your company story, or give insight into your team. This could be a behind the scenes show reel introducing your staff, or an in depth look at why your company was formed and what it aims to do. Either way, your potential customers will love to see what goes on behind the screen. And what makes your company tick. This can help build consumer trust, and allows you to develop a sense of community.

The company story video is generally best used on the about us page of a website. This is because people that want to know more about your company will be surprised and more engaged when the page loads to reveal a video, rather than a block of text.

This type of video can also make good social media shares, if you break it down into 2 minute chunks.

Product explainer videos

If your products or services need a bit of explaining. Or you just want to show them off in detail. A video is the most engaging way to get your point across.

These types of videos are best suited to your blog page, or the services or products page itself.

For more information or advice about video production and video marketing across Manchester, get in touch with the experts today, here at Oh Video.