With Christmas just a few days away, it’s never too late to cash in on the last minute Christmas shoppers. Using social media video content to achieve this is one of the most effective options available, as this reaches any of your potential customers, wherever they may be, and delivers a high quality message, or a great deal. Instagram stories are just one of the available options. But why are these so effective, and what are the advantages of using Instagram stories for Christmas video content? Well, here at Oh Video, we are Manchester’s leading video production and video marketing specialists. And we have the tools and skills to help your business succeed with video marketing. In fact, we work with companies around the region, from Leeds and Sheffield, to Stockport and Manchester, to deliver effective, high quality video marketing solutions. This is our guide to everything you should know about Instagram stories for Christmas.

Why choose Instagram stories?

Instagram stories are an incredibly popular feature of the photo and video sharing app. These are short videos or images, shown in a slideshow style, and only available for 24 hours. The slideshow nature of the stories feature means that users generally scroll through lots of stories at a time, ranging from their friends and family, to businesses and eCommerce sites.

Instagram stories can be backed up by some fascinating stats, including:

  • Nearly 1.7 billion accounts use the stories format daily.

  • 500 million users now use Instagram stories every day.

  • Instagram stories accounts for 34% of Instagram’s sponsored content.

  • 1 in 4 Millennials and Gen Z-ers look for stories of the products and services they want to buy.


Using Instagram stories for Christmas video content

So while Instagram stories can be a great marketing tool, how can you make use of this feature for seasonal sales? Well, over the Christmas period, you have an added advantage. Many of your potential customers will be taking a break from work, and have more time to relax and unwind. This could increase in the number of potential customers you can reach via Instagram this Christmas. To make sure your video content is as effective as possible you could consider:

  • Using professionally filmed video footage– do you already have a seasonal professional company video? If so this could be broken into smaller chunks for your Instagram stories. This can increase the number of viewers, as it is likely that you will reach more potential customers. Using professional quality video will help grab the attention of your audience, as this will stand out from the rest of the Instagram stories content.You can even edit this footage with stickers and other tools to increase engagement, and emphasize the seasonal side of the video content.
  • Highlight a product- create a short product video, or recycle the professional quality image from your website to create an effective and eye-catching piece of content for Instagram stories, increasing the marketing for one of your prime products. A video will always be more engaging, and achieve more rewards. You could even consider adding a countdown timer, especially if this product is on special offer.
  • Build a connection- you can also use Instagram stories to build a connection with your audience. Why not wish them a “Happy Christmas” with a personal message from your staff? Or take your audience on a tour backstage, showing what it’s really like to work in your industry over this festive period? Personal video content will help build this connection, and Instagram stories is one of the most effective tools for success.

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