While you might be focusing a lot of your video marketing on the more conventional social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, it’s definitely time to embrace Instagram. Although this used to be a platform for sharing images, video content is now commonplace. And the built in Instagram live feature adds a different dynamic to sharing your video content. Here at Oh Video in Manchester, we think businesses should be using Instagram live for commercial success.

Why use Instagram for video marketing?

If you are already marketing on twitter and Facebook, you might not see much point in using Instagram too. But Instagram is perfect for businesses. With higher brand engagement than any other platform, Instagram users are a lot more business friendly.

Using Instagram live for commercial success

So how can you use the Instagram live feature to grab your viewers attention? Well, live videos on Instagram disappear once they have been filmed. This means that all of your followers will be sent a push notification about your new live-stream. And if you get your timings right, that means a lot of people will be watching. After all, fear of missing out is a big influencer. But what should you use instagram live for?

Shoot a behind the scenes tour

Production itself is something that interests viewers. So why not shoot a live tour of wherever it is you work and reveal a bit more about your company. This helps build a lasting connection.


Do you have a new service your proud to unveil? Or perhaps its a new product? Or even a partnership? Whatever your news, use Instagram live to launch it and make it feel exclusive.

Question and answer

Instagram live is the perfect way to interact with your audience. Why not take questions and answer them in real time?

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