Grabbing attention, and keeping it, is necessary to the success of your business video, whichever video type you choose. There are a range of ways to achieve this, including personalised video and branded video content. However, one of the simplest and most effective ways to achieve this is by using real faces. Although, many people feel like this should remain solely for video interviews, that is not the case. So how can you use this knowledge to your advantage? Here at Oh Video, we are Manchester’s leading video marketing experts. As a result, we have produced this guide to using faces in your business video.

using faces in your business video

Why faces?

As humans, we have a fantastic ability to recognise faces. We can pick out the faces of people we recognise almost instantly in a crowded location. This is really helpful for finding your mum in the Primark sale, or meeting your mates at Piccadilly Station. However, it also means that we are interested in faces, and we can’t help but be drawn to the face on a video.

Build a connection

Connecting with your customers is an essential part of a business video. After all, you want your visitors to choose your business over any others. Using the same person presenting your video, or your series of business videos, is a great way to keep viewers watching your videos by building familiarity.

Using a familiar face is a good way to present your videos, as customers will be able to build a connection to your business or company. This is because they will attach this familiar face to the company, and will feel more confident shopping with your business.

Tips for using faces in your business video

⦁ Don’t be afraid to get in-front of the camera! Some people are keen to avoid the camera, at all costs. However, with more practice and a clear script, you can become a confident face for your business. If you really aren’t keen, why not hire someone? Often university and college drama students are willing to take part, and it wont cost you the earth!
⦁ Don’t forget to show off your product! If your business is a product review or demonstration, it wouldn’t be the same without actually showing off the product. Try and aim for a balance between face and product time.
⦁ Make sure you use a decent camera and great lighting. This is essential when working with faces in your video as it will make your finished product appear more professional.

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