Consumers are faced with thousands of marketing efforts on a daily basis. From social media platforms to newspapers, billboards and Television, marketing and advertising is a huge industry. So how can your business or company compare? And how can you attract the attention of potential customers, in a digital landscape saturated with marketing efforts? Well, video marketing can be a good start. Video itself is one of the most popular forms of media, and your potential customers will be used to engaging with video content daily. However, producing a run of the mill video wont be enough to really grab your customers attention and imagination. So why not opt for drone video content instead? This kind of footage can produce one of a kind content that your customers could really engage with. Here at Oh Video, we are Manchester’s leading video production and video marketing company. As a result, we have produced this guide to using drone video content for video marketing.

Drone video content

Video content captured by a remote control drone is truly one of a kind. From aerial footage providing a birds eye view of a landscape, to barrel rolls through an office, drone video content can be used for a variety of purposes. And can suit a range of brand personalities. For example, you could use drone video content to:

  • Capture the size and scale of your farm, zoo, campsite or glamping area, or heritage gardens. Essentially any commercial area with a lot of land can make use of drone footage taken by flying overhead. It offers something new and provides a different perspective.
  • Film the inside of your office, shop, warehouse or facility. It’s not just large scale landscapes that can be captured by drone. You can also capture interior shots of your premises, taken at a range of different angles and heights. Perhaps even while barrel rolling! Again, this footage captures a different aspect of your property, and provides a new perspective.
  • Film action content. If you own a race track, golf course, trampolining centre, skate park or any kind of sport or physical activity centre, drone footage can capture the pace, the passion and the excitement of what you have to offer. In a truly unique way.

Using drone video content for video marketing

As you can see from the previous examples, the main benefit of producing drone video content, is the unique appeal of the footage produced. No other filming or production process could lead to such interesting and original footage. As a result, this needs to be highlighted in the way that you use the footage for marketing purposes. For example:

  • use the drone footage in the opening ten seconds to attract attention to your video. If your video is a simple interview or testimonial, starting the video with such interesting footage will grab the attention of your audience on social media, or online, and keep them interested.
  • consider using drone footage for your cover video on Facebook. This can make your company look more interesting.
  • stick with serious drone shots (landscapes etc) if your company is serious. But go for the upside down, wide angle shots if your company is more fun and playful. Matching the content o your brand personality is an important part of any marketing, including video marketing.

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