Shooting great video content is an imperative first step to video success, but how will you ensure that your video is seen by all the right people? This is where video marketing comes into play, and although there are some things you can do during production to boost your video marketing success, the majority of the work will begin once the “fun stuff” is out of the way. Here at Oh Video, we are video production and marketing experts, and this is our guide to data that will influence video marketing strategies.

Behavioural Data

Behavioural data relates to how people’s lifestyles interact with their devices in terms of internet usage, for example, people may send longer watching videos in the evening when they are more relaxed, or may be more inclined to watch low quality videos while commuting, as it won’t use as much mobile data. Data that refers to people’s lifestyles and habitats can influence a range of factors in terms of video marketing, from simply the time of the released video footage, to the quality of the footage itself, and taking this data into account can make a huge difference to your video marketing success.

Demographic Data

In relation to video marketing, demographics is actually really important. If you are promoting a video for brand awareness and aiming this video at completely the wrong age group, your video marketing campaign is doomed to fail right from the offset. Demographic data will coincide with behavioural data, with different age groups responding to internet content differently in relation to their lifestyle.

Contextual Based Data

This type of data looks at what may be of interest to the user, e.g. sports or education, depending on hobbies and interests or place of work. This type of data can be greatly influential for video marketing, as knowing your own brand and video content, you can aim to market at people with a pre-existing interest in the same or a similar field. This will boost viewing rates and ultimately revenue.

In summary

There is a range of data that can influence your video marketing strategy including behavioural data, demographic data and contextual based data. Each of these can play a key role in ensuring your video marketing success. Why not contact the experts at Oh Video today?