Popular and timeless, animated video has a range of benefits and uses. However, it can be complicated if you aren’t a professional. Luckily, we at Oh Video have produced this guide to all you need to know about using animated video content.

Animated logo Effects

Throughout your video, you may choose to display your company logo. This is usually in an unobtrusive corner. Although this is easy on the eye, it can become too easy, meaning that viewers will stop noticing it. However, you can easily animate your company logo to spin, move slightly or wobble at key times. It can even change colour depending on your company branding.

The benefit of using an animated logo in this way is that people will be drawn to look at your company name and logo whenever it moves. This attracts attention to your logo and ensures that your company name will stick in their mind.

Animated headings or transitions

When creating a long video, it is important to keep your viewers in mind. Longer videos are generally used to explain or inform key ideas or services your company offers. Animation can really help with longer videos.

Firstly, if you have a range of topics, why not use an animated transition screen? This will show the viewer you are changing topic. Also, it can provide a key point to reference what point of the video the viewer has reached.

In addition, if your video is long in length, people may get bored. Animation can help draw their attention back to the screen and keep them engaged for longer. Animated headings in the top corner are a good way to use animation throughout the video. Also, headings that move or spin at certain points can help the viewer know where they are up to.


Animated buttons provide the biggest benefit of using animation in your video. For example, if you did use animated headings in a long video, the viewer could interact with these by skipping ahead to the next topic, or returning to a previous one. This type of interactivity is becoming more and more important.

In summary

Animated video content can be used in a variety of ways including animated logos, animation transitions and interactive buttons. For professional help or advice, or to start your animated video project, contact us at Oh Video today.