Potential customers that are interested in your company or business, are also likely to be interested in the people behind the company. This is an innovative reason to produce your company videos and is a great way to generate video content for your website, social media, or YouTube channel. When customers feel like they not only know who is behind the business, but feel like they have developed a relationship with them, through watching video content and interacting with the company through social media, they are more likely to choose your company or business over a similar competitor. Here at Oh Video, we are video marketing experts and this is our guide to using video to promote positive customer relationships.

Be Human

Use your video to draw people in and connect with them on a personal level, maybe by showing them your workspace or introducing a member of your team. Don’t overact, instead try to make the video as organic as possible.

Be Informal

A suitable strategy for social media platforms, informal videos can make your company appear friendly, down to earth and fun. If your audience is the plus 35 age bracket, this may not appropriate, but millennials will prefer your approach and this will help them feel like they can connect with your brand. This however may not be suitable for your website or YouTube channel, where you may prefer to focus on more serious content and explainers.

Be Funny

Make a video that makes people laugh. People like to laugh and laughter is contagious. If you make a funny video, people are much more likely to remember the content and watch more of your videos. Funny video footage is probably only suitable for your informal social media platform, but may be appropriate in other circumstances too, take the new John Lewis Christmas Advert for example.

In summary

Video content can be used to connect with your consumers, developing relationships and building up your customer base. This can be done by producing videos that allow you to be yourself, connecting on a personal level, is informal and makes people laugh. Contact Oh Video for any of your video needs.