Producing video content for your small or local business can be a minefield. With so many different types of video to choose from, it is difficult to know which to choose, for different purposes. And for this reason, many small businesses simply don’t bother at all. But this could be costing a lot of lost sales and missed opportunities. That’s why, here at Oh Video in Manchester, we provide a range of professional video production and video marketing support for a range of businesses. And this is our guide to the different types of video for small business success.

Small businesses and video production/marketing

Video production and video marketing can be a real benefit for any business, no matter the size. And for small and medium sized business, or businesses that operate locally, the advantages in terms of sales can be huge.

Video marketing provides a great piece of advertising that can be shared and viewed by people around the world. But you can also target this audience to focus on people in your local area, or people who may be specifically interested in the service or products you provide. And this real emphasis on audience can make a huge difference to your conversion rates and sales online.

At the same time, producing high quality video content can be a great way to improve your brand presence, and generate interest and conversation about your work and your company as a whole.

So what type of video should you create?

Types of video for small business success

When it comes to deciding on the type of video you should produce, there are a number of factors to consider. These include:

  • the purpose of the video- a video that wants to demonstrate or explain a new product will be very different to an “about us” video
  • the platform the video will be shared on- a landing page video might be created differently to a social media video
  • your audience- the age, gender and general demographics of your audience will determine the type of video you should aim to produce

Different video will suit different purposes, platforms and audiences. You need to establish what you are aiming for,before you create your video. These different types of video include:

  • Explainer videos
  • “About us” videos
  • Product demonstration videos
  • Thank you videos
  • Training videos

Explainer videos

These videos explain a concept or process to your audience. And with the number of “how to” searches rising on both YouTube and Google, year on year, these can be the type of educational video that adds value to your website, and attracts the traffic. To make this successful, you need to choose a topic to explain. This can be:

  • an explanation of one of your products or services that can be shared via social media and stored on YouTube
  • or an explanation of an industry wide topic that is directly related to your own customers, and replaces a blog of a similar nature

To produce a quality explainer video, you can either:

  • use live action footage where you talk while demonstrating or giving instructions. Captions can be edited in later for more audience support
  • use animated video combining imagery and sound to make a more complicated topic seem easier to understand.

For more information take a look at our “how to” video guide.

“About us” Videos

Almost every website has an about us page. Why not really set yourself up as a trustworthy and reliable person by appearing on the screen. This will help you build connections with your potential customers and make it easier for them to put their trust in your company.

To produce a good “about us” video, take a look at our guide.

Thank you videos

The way you use thank you videos can be twofold. For one, you can use a thank you video to email directly to existing customers, to attract them back to your website for another look. Or number two, you can use these at investor meetings to show off what you have achieved and thank your investors for the opportunity. For these two different purposes, the completed video will look very different.

For more information and advice, get in touch with Manchester’s video production and video marketing professionals today, here at Oh Video.