At Oh Video, we know what makes video marketing tick, and more than that, stick. Launching a video marketing campaign doesn’t end once your first video goes live, or your advert is uploaded to YouTube. Video marketing is an integral aspect of your company’s overall marketing strategy, and is constantly adapting and updating, so what worked for video marketing 6 months ago, is not likely to have remained the same. This is our guide to help you stay on top of your video marketing.

Periodic research

Staying on top of new trends and keeping informed of latest developments can only happen when you periodically research. Check out your competitors, read up on blogs, watch vlogs and see what is happening in other business areas in terms of video content. This research can inform your decisions about where to spend the video marketing budget, how to use it, and ultimately how to keep your company at the cutting edge of video marketing.

Technology itself

This last year has witnessed many emerging and popular trends in terms of using the technology available to make the most out of your videos, including 360 videos, time lapse footage and live streaming. To keep your video marketing on track, you will need to understand these developments and how to use them to your company’s advantage. You probably won’t use all three, but knowing which one would feature on your website to the most advantage, is a key aspect of video marketing.


Knowing which platform to use to engage the right demographic for your company is key to video marketing and as these platforms are often emerging and disappearing, it’s important for you as a video marketer to be aware of what your platform choices are.


Make sure you analyse your videos performance, not just its viewer numbers but also its click through rate and conversion ratio. If your current videos just aren’t making the sales, and you don’t realise, then it’s likely you will continue to fall into the same traps with your next videos. This is often a huge problem for video marketers.

In summary

Staying on top of your video marketing requires research into emerging trends and uses of video, updating your use of technology to match these trends while also promoting your company in the best possible way, choosing platforms that will suite your company and reach your target audience, and analysing the video performance regularly. Why not contact the professionals at Oh Video today?