Video production and video marketing are our areas of expertise here at Oh Video. From planning to creation, editing to final upload, we will take care of your company’s video needs. With our years of experience and our professional know-how, we can ensure quality at all stages of your video marketing strategy. But some people aren’t so lucky, and this article will outline the top three promotional video mistakes that are often made, to show you how to avoid them.

Sound quality

Bad sound quality can immediately lose potential customers. As soon as any interference or buzzing can be heard people will switch off. Similarly, if your sound quality is pristine but the volume isn’t great, people may find your video uncomfortable to listen to. Finding the right balance in sound quality is a key part of video production.

Bad Plot or Storyline

A video that isn’t clearly focused on one message or goal can confuse viewers and make them switch off. This is also the case for video content that isn’t relevant to the viewers you are attempting to engage with on a particular platform, either because the age demographic on the particular platform is much higher or lower than the age range you are catering for, or because the content and storyline simply isn’t of interest to people on that platform. Planning your storyline and plot can help you avoid this common mistake, as well as researching and uploading your video onto the most appropriate platform whether that is Facebook, YouTube or Snapchat, the perfect platform will differ between companies.

Furthermore a storyline or plot that fails to capture people’s emotional interest is not likely to be viewed to the end. By this, we don’t mean that a video that makes you laugh or cry is a necessity, but a video that connects with the viewer on a deeper level, that offers a storyline they can empathise with or that compels them to action, is much more likely to be successful.

Lack of a call to action

Call to action buttons or links are incredibly important. If you don’t include these in the physicality of your video, as well as your spoken content, people will be less likely to follow up from your video with a search of your company, business or product. Make it easier for your potential consumers by including a call to action thumbnail throughout, or a call to action page at the end of your video, otherwise you will lose out on important traffic and sales.

Overall, ensuring high quality sound, paired with a good plot or storyline, and a clear and obvious call to action will help your video be successful and effective, and help your business avoid the common promotional video mistakes.