Creating a video is hard work, and what’s the point in people not seeing it after everything you’ve into it? You want your video to conquer all, and below are 5 websites to make sure that your video gets all the exposure it needs in order to grow.

1.Your own website

This is vital. You need your video on the homepage so audiences can see straight away what your company does and what services they provide. It needs to be eye catching and so that your audience remember. This is a good way to market what you’re selling.


This particular social media platform is something we’re all part of, so why not upload your video here and watch as people have the ability to share, like and comment on it. This has the potential to make your video viral as tonnes of potential clients can see it wherever they may be.


Vimeo accounts are free and people can access your video at any time, they will also see it in HD, which adds to the overall effect. Thousands of people use Vimeo; YouTube is so yesterday.


I use Pinterest all the time, from pinning clothes to décor, you can upload you video here and watch it grow. By pinning it to your board, people have the chance to like and share it, much like Facebook. They can also start to follow your account to for optimal viewing.


So many potential clients and businesses use LinkedIn as a way to connect to other people. It’s a great platform for your company and your video, this way people can reach out to you, or vice versa.
There are many more websites you can use, I picked my top 5 that have helped me share my work and find useful and handy videos.