Adding video to your online content, like your social media or company website, is a great way to increase your SEO, attract and keep customers or clients and present your company as modern, up to date and reliable. But don’t take our word for it, here are some top statistics to back this claim up.

Video consumption is growing

Companies like Facebook and Snapchat are witnessing almost 10 billion videos being viewed on a daily basis, while YouTube, the stalwart of video content, has noted that the average time spent watching video content on mobile, is 40 minutes! People just can’t get enough video content.

Social video spreads your message

With 1200 percent more shares than text or images, video content shared on social media platforms is much more likely to spread your companies message than a simple blog post. On top of this, video viewers on mobile devices are incredibly likely to share your video or interact in some way such as a comment or like; so make sure your videos are mobile friendly.

Video can attract customers

Boosting your Google rankings, video content can provide more than a 40% increase in your traffic from search engines. This is a significant portion! But not only does it attract people to your website, it can also help convert this traffic to sales, with over 60% of video watchers purchasing the product or service directly as a result of watching the video. With 90% of all consumers agreeing that video content is helpful when deciding whether to purchase or not, it’s really not difficult to argue that video really does attract consumers.

Video can grow your company or business

Marketers are convinced of the power of video marketing, but are small businesses? More than 75% of small business owners report that video marketing has impacted directly on their business. If it’s working for more than three quarters of small business owners, it’s likely to work for you too.

In summary

There are so many benefits to video content and video marketing, including attracting customers and increasing sales. At Oh Video we are experts in video production and marketing, so if you think video could make a great addition to your company, don’t hesitate to get in touch.