Producing a top quality video is only the first step of video marketing. Most importantly, you need your video to be seen by potential customers. Here at Oh Video, we are experts at video marketing. As a result, we have produced this guide to help you publicise your video.

Company Website

Adding video content to your homepage is essential. It provides the opportunity for viewers to understand your company and the services or products you provide. Consequently, an eye catching, informative, and effective video can boost your conversion ratio and sales.

video conversion rates infographic


Vimeo is a site where creating an account is free and people can access your video. In addition, Vimeo allows you to share your video from there and in high definition. As a result, your video will look even better, and your customers will be more impressed.


Facebook has a huge network that your company can access for free. Why not advertise and promote your video on your company Facebook page? This will help you build an online community and gather more interest in your company. Also, there are options that will allow you to monetize your video advert and reach a much larger audience.


As a professional site, LinkedIn is a common method of networking for businesses and clients. This means that sharing your video on your LinkedIn account will reach other professionals and businesses.


Upload your company video to Pinterest and people will be able to share it and respond to it, increasing your company popularity and reach. They will also be able to follow your account and view all of the videos you release.

In summary

Promoting your video on your company website and various social media platforms is free and easy. Why not try and make the most of your video by adopting these promotion techniques. For all your video marketing needs, contact us at Oh Video today.