High quality video is essential for marketing your brand and company, and creating video content worth watching is a key part of any video marketer’s strategy. With video content available as part of most company websites or social media pages, how do you make sure your video content is worthwhile and appealing? Here at Oh Video, we have a vast amount of video production and video marketing experience, and these are our tips for creating quality videos.

Sound quality

Attention to the sound quality is essential, and is something that is often overlooked. A video that is crackly, difficult to hear or has excessive amounts of background noise, is uncomfortable for viewers and will quickly be exited. For this reason, we recommend using a noise removal filter while editing your video, to keep your sound quality crisp and clear.


This may sound like an over the top step for a short video, but trust us, lighting is definitely something you need to think about. The lighting on a video can make it appear more professional and present your company as more focused and reliable. Make use of natural light and use ordinary desk lamps to experiment with the video quality in different lighting stages.

Use Jump Cuts

Video content created with jump cuts is basically lots of short clips put together to make the complete video. This means that you don’t have to remember as much content during each clip, and you can include call to action options as your transitions between clips in the final edit. It is much easier to create a series of short clips and should take less time to film as you will have less errors.

Choose the right camera

Different cameras have different qualities and if you have a fairly recent Android or Apple smartphone then you can probably take a mid to good quality video using the built in camera, as long as you focus on getting both the sound quality and lighting conditions correct. Having said that, a DSLR camera is probably your best bet, especially for professional level filming. A better quality camera will give you a clearer image and a good depth of field.

In summary

As video content is essential for marketing your company, creating good quality, effective video is also extremely important. Making sure you have good sound quality, good lighting and a good camera can make all the difference. For professional support, contact us at Oh Video today.